Sean and Toni

Sean’s Bachelor Party

May 28, 2005 8:00 am

Lake Buchanan – Burnet, TX – 28-30 May 2005

Sean's Bachelor Party

Sean is a drummer. He doesn’t go on vacation, he goes on tour! His bachelor party was no different. 24 hours after Sean’s bachelor party houseboats set sail on Lake Buchanan, everyone knew who we were. Thanks to everyone who made it a Memorial Day to remember! I’m hoping others who went to the bachelor party will help write this summary.

Silver Creek to Shaw Island


Almost everyone showed up before lunch on Saturday. The bachelor buoy had his pink floaties and inflatable wrap-around duck. We loaded the boats and inflated the tubes. We swam off the boats a little in the afternoon and even tried to pull a couple of people behind the big boat. Of course, we broke out the three man slingshot as soon as we could. Then we headed over to a very popular beach called Shaw Island.

Shaw Island to lower falls


A few of the guys decided to show the bachelor off to the women one last time while they still could! The beach was packed, mostly with families, and between the fake hair, the bonfire pot, and the floaties, these guys scared their share of women. However, Sean did get a good spanking from a group of ladies right next to where we beached the houseboats. Rob paddled around the island on Eric’s windsurfer board. Eric showed everyone how hard it is to windsurf without any wind. This was our formal introduction to the weekend boaters.

Lower Falls – Eric’s warning


Our first visit to the Fall Creek waterfall (aka, lower falls). We anchored and hung out at the falls for quite a while, swimming under the falls, drinking beer, jumping off the boats, cooking up the fajitas, etc. Somebody asked where Eric was … a few minutes later, we looked over and saw a police patrol boat … and that’s when we saw Eric waving his arms at the top of the falls … about to jump. We were all motioning for him to sit down and not to jump and pointing over at the patrol boat. He jumped feet first … got some good hangtime … then slapped into the water. The patrol boat went over to meet him half way. Eric swam around the patrol boat until they motioned for him to come talk to them. Turns out that those falls are private property above the waterline. They just gave him a warning for tresspassing, but it still makes for a great story! That’s good Eric!

Lower Falls to Camp Deadcow and Back


Lower Falls, Group Picture, El Chupacabra to Silver Creek

Lower Falls Group Picture, El Chupacabra to Silver Creek

Red October: Tubing/Surfing to Upper Falls

Red October Tubing & Surfing to Upper Falls

Upper Falls to Camp Plank

Upper Falls to Camp Plank

Camp Plank

Camp Plank

Camp Plank to Lower Falls to Silver Creek

Camp Plank to Lower Falls to Silver Creek

Stragler’s Run to Tittie Cove and Back

Stragler's Run to Tittie Cove and Back

Sensored Pictures


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