Sean and Toni

She Agreed To Be My Bride On The Continental Divide

July 4, 2004 12:00 pm

Yes that’s right, Toni now has a diamond ring on her hand as of July 4th, 2004. I know some of you thought it would never happen, but I had actually been planning this event for over six months. For those of you who have a few moments to spare, let me tell you a little story Ags.

Both Sides Of The Story

His Story

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Subject: She agreed to be my bride on the Continental Divide

Yes that’s right, Toni now has a diamond ring on her hand as of July 4th, 2004. I know some of you thought it would never happen, but I had actually been planning this event for over six months. For those of you who have a few moments to spare, let me tell you a little story Aggs…

I took a week off work to go to a Shrine Convention in Denver, Colorado, last week… Wait, this all started long before that!!

I went with Toni up to Denver to hang out with her family over Thanksgiving last year. It was her aunt’s 50th birthday and grandparent’s anniversary or something like that. There are soooo many in her family I get all the events confused. It was at that place and that time I realized exactly where I wanted to propose to Toni. I knew I had a Shrine Convention coming up in Denver in July and I knew exactly where I wanted to propose to her. Now all I had to do was wait seven months, save up for a ring, pick out a ring, plan out when and where and make sure everything went as planned and last but certainly not least, keep it all a secret from Toni for seven whole months!!!!! In order to keep it a secret from her I knew I had to keep it a secret from everyone, so I apologize. I made no exceptions. Well, I made a few right up at the end and I spilled the beans to a select group of people at the last minute when I knew the secret wouldn’t come out. You see, it’s virtually impossible to keep a secret from Toni so I had to work really hard at it.

It was Tuesday before the trip. I had the ring in my hand, everything was finally starting to fall into place, and I forgot one huge detail. I had forgot to ask her parents! :0 So I left work and made a special trip to Buda. I figured I would kill two birds with one stone and surprise Toni while I was driving out there. She had been having a bad week so I thought I’d cheer her up. It worked out much better than I expected. I surprised Toni and in her excitement she never once suspected I came all the way out there to talk to her parents instead. Sorry Toni. 🙂 So While she was taking Hank outside to chase himself, I asked the parents. I was hoping they would say yes, cause I already had the ring! It went well and they were very good about keeping a straight face when Toni walked back in. I drove back to College Station that night a lot more relieved. Now all I had to do was ask her. At this point I was almost sure she had found out when and where, but I didn’t care. I was still going to try and surprise her.

The moment of truth came. We got up early Saturday morning and hit the road for Denver. It took fifteen hours by Harley to get there. We arrived in Denver at 9:45 mountain time exhausted and ready for bed. My plan was to get up the next day and take a trip into the mountains and ask her then. Our Drum Corp director came up to me and said we have a live TV performance in the morning for the local news and we need to be at the convention center from 7:00 to 10:00. We were already scheduled to practice at 5:00 that evening and I had planned on getting up early to go to the mountains. This threw a severe wrench into the works and I was pissed to say the least. At that moment I didn’t care if I showed up late for practice I knew what I had to do and nothing was going to stop me this close to the moment. We got up early and did the live TV show. It was great and a lot of people came up later and said they saw us on TV and thanked us for promoting Shriners like that on the air. So I felt better about it. Then it was finally over and we hauled a$$ back to the hotel, changed and hit the road. I took the ring out of the box and slipped it in my pocket.

We left Denver and drove southwest to a little town called Lake George. OH!! We had one of Toni’s cousins along with us. One of the things we had to do that morning was take him down to a Boy Scout camp and drop him off where he would spend the next three weeks in the mountains. Lucky kid! So after we finally made it to the camp and made sure he was checked in, it was already after noon. I had a lot of other places planned to stop at that day but I cut it all short and went directly to the spot. Speaking of the spot. The place is called Guanella Pass. It’s a dirt road that goes over the Continental Divide between HWY 285 and I-70 just west of Denver. It’s an amazing place surrounded by four peaks reach well above 14,000 feet. I’ve climbed all four peaks in the past with my good buddies Rob, Steve and Carter and always greatly anticipated the next time I would go back there. I figured this would be the perfect place to ask the girl of my dreams to be my wife….and it was.

We got out of the truck at the pass, oh the elevation is 11,105 feet by the way, and I started telling Toni, dad and Allegra about the history of this place to me. There was a trail that went up a much smaller peak, only a few hundred feet higher than the parking area, and I asked everyone to climb up with me to get a really good view of the area. Dad couldn’t make it, but Allegra agreed. We climbed up to the top and I asked my sister to take a few pictures of Toni and I. We climbed on this rock and with the mountain peaks in the back ground we took a picture. I told my sister to wait a second and without saying another word, got down on one knee and proposed to Toni. She absolutely had no clue and was thoroughly surprised. It took her about five seconds to realize what was going on but through tears I heard her say YES. It was an amazing. All the planning and waiting paid off.

If you want, check out …(Colorado Trip pictures)… to see the moment caught on film and other really cool pictures of our ride. My Harley has 3500 more miles on her too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I’ll let you know when the wedding will happen. Most likely next June, but we haven’t set a date.


Her Story

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From: Sean

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Subject: Toni’s side of the story

Of course the woman always has to have the last word, and I better get used to that, so why not start now. HAHA Here is Toni’s side of the story. She wanted to make sure I send it to ya’ll. Enjoy.



TONI’S VERSION: Of course, as some of you know, I’m always thinking and anticipating things, so it’s pretty hard to surprise me. Well, Sean did it twice in one week. When he surprised me at my house in Austin, I anticipated that he was there to talk to my parents, but when he said we were going to Buda together, I dismissed that thought, thinking he wouldn’t talk to my parents while I was there. Later when I took Hank out front, I anticipated that maybe they could be having “the talk” while I was outside, but when I went back in the house, my mom wasn’t all bubbly like she would have been if they had the talk. So once again, I dismissed it and when we left Buda that night, I was somewhat certain that “the talk” had not occurred.

Fast forward to July 4……

We were driving through the mountains seeing all the cool places Sean wanted to take us. We stopped when we got to the top of Guanella Pass to climb this mini-mountain. From the bottom, it didn’t look that high, but when we started climbing it, we were huffing and puffing and it took forever. Sean made it to the top a couple minutes before I did. Once Allegra reached the top, she was taking pictures of the view, and Sean asked if she’d take a picture of us up on the rock. So she did. He asked if she would take another one. He started fumbling around, and it looked like he was climbing off the rock. So I was thinking that he wanted to climb down and take a picture with a different background. I started looking around at the scenery to pick out another nice backdrop. I turned back to Sean and he was crouched on the rock on one knee. Still completely oblivious, I’m thinking he wants me to squat down on the rock next to him for another picture. Just before I squatted, I looked down at him and he had a ring in his hand. And he said, “Toni Xxxxxx, will you marry me?” My brain froze and I was completely confused about what was going on, and TOTALLY surprised. I remember staring blankly at him for several seconds, when I realized that I hadn’t given him an answer. So I said yes, and the rest is history. Meanwhile, Allegra, who also had no idea what was going on, took some great pictures.

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