Sean and Toni

How He Got The Girl

March 1, 2002 8:00 pm

It was Thursday night in College Station. Like any other Thursday night Sean went to the Texas Hall of Fame, a popular local dance hall, with his buddies. Their goal was to drink really cheap beer and ask girls to dance. It was sometime around March of 2002 when he went to the Hall on that fateful Thursday, for it also happened to be where Toni spent every Thursday night for the past two years. The guys sat at their normal table and she sat down at the table across the room. Toni immediately caught Sean’s attention. “WOW!!” is what he thought to himelf.

Without hesitation, he got up, walked over and asked her to dance. She said yes. They danced one song and he found out her name was Toni. Sean is horrible with names but he knew this one would be easy to remember since it was pretty unusual for a girl’s name. She then told him she was from Buda. He thought wow, this would be really easy to remember… “Toni from Buda”. There was no way he could mess that one up. He told her his name and where he was from and they finished the dance and sat back down. He couldn’t wait until next Thursday night to ask her again to dance. Little did he know that six months would pass before he got that chance again.

Toni left for the summer for an internship in Austin. When the fall semester started back up again, Sean knew all the students would be back in town. He remembers sitting on the couch watching TV and this voice in his head said, “hey stupid, that Toni girl might be back in town so get off the couch and go to the Hall!!” That’s exactly what he did. The first Thursday of the semester is generally pretty crazy with all the students going out for the first time. Needless to say, the Hall was pretty packed. That did not deter him from waiting in line to get inside. He had no idea if she was even going to be there, though. She might have graduated and he may never see her again, but he had to try.

Once inside, Sean went back to his usual table. He figured that this Toni girl would have her same group of friends who would hang out at the same table and there was a good chance he would see her. Of course he was still uncertain if she was even still going to A&M. Sure enough she was right where he thought she would be. He asked her to dance and, once again, she said yes. They got out on the dance floor and before he could say anything she said, “You’re Sean from Dallas, right?” With a smile he said, “Yes, and you’re Toni from Buda!” They were both surprised that they remembered each other’s names from one dance six months ago. Sean was very happy to say the least!

This turned into a Thursday ritual. No matter what Sean was doing, he would drop or re-schedule everything to make sure he could go to the Hall on Thursday nights, which proved rather difficult. Thursday nights were also the same night as band practice and they couldn’t re-schedule it since they were practicing at a recording studio at the time and Thursdays were the only night the studio had available. So, Sean made a deal with the guys to show up early for practice so that he could get done and make a mad dash across town to the house, shower, change, and get to the Hall in time to dance with Toni. The guys in the band all made fun of him and Toni affectionately became known as ‘The Hall Chick.’ “I gotta go see my Hall Chick so we need to wrap things up here fellas!”

Every Thursday night he saw Toni and he would ask her to dance, and every time, the night ended with, “See ya next Thursday!” Since Sean wasn’t real forward, and very respectfully never hit on her, she thought he was just a great dancer that she would see once a week, and that he wasn’t interested in her for more than dancing. About a month went by and he got up the courage to ask for her phone number. This truly shocked her, and it took her a few moments to realize that he was serious, so she gave him her home number. He called her on a Tuesday night and they talked for at least an hour. He was very happy about this. Here was a girl who is not only very attractive, but he could also hold an intelligent conversation with her for quite some time…a nice combination. He called her at least once a week. He found out that she really liked to watch King of the Hill, so he made it a point not to call her during that show. Every time they talked it was for an hour or more and when he thought they couldn’t find anything else to talk about, they would go on for another hour.

Sean began calling Toni for dates, telling her he had two tickets to see Cory Morrow, or Robert Earl Keen, which are both artists she really liked. Sean knew this, so he figured this would be a sure thing. But Toni’s a busy person and ALWAYS had something to do. He would wait until the day before the show to call her, and she needs to be booked in advance, as many of you know. Of course Sean thought she was just trying to avoid him, so after a couple of times, he gave up asking. Finally, she felt bad and realized that he might think she’s just stringing him along. So one night (after a month of rejection), she decided to show up late to choir practice, just so she could go on a date with this persistent fellow. He picked her up, and they went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. They had enchiladas and a drink or two, but things weren’t going as good as Sean had hoped. Toni had kept her guard up the entire evening because this was a time in her life when she had just gotten out of a long relationship, and was not ready to fall for any one guy just yet. She told Sean she needed to get home to get ready for choir practice, so he took her home.

On the way, they went through campus and passed by the O&M Building. It is the tallest building on campus and the tallest one between Dallas and Houston as a matter of fact. Out of the blue she told him to stop the truck. He parked and they got out. They walked over to the O&M building and she was going to show him something. When they got there though the entire exterior of the building was blocked due to construction. They found a way through the inside of the building to get back out, in the middle of the construction area. They went up to the side of the building and there are these little pockets that you can stand in that go all the way up the face of the 14 floor building. If you clap your hands the sound will go all the way up to the top of the building and echo back down to you a few seconds later. They stood there for quite a while doing this. A professor walked by and looked at them funny. He took her home and on the way, he put Pat Green in the CD player. She asked if she could skip to a particular song. It was “Crazy” and it was her favorite song. It also happened to be his favorite Pat Green song, too. So they said nothing and listened to Crazy with the windows down the rest of the way to her place. The whole time Sean thought, “if I could only win this girl over somehow, I just know she would be great for me.” Meanwhile, she was thinking, “ we have a lot in common and he is very gentlemanly, but he is so OLD!” She complimented him on his truck, said she had a good time, and she walked away. She left him with a smile though so that’s all that mattered to him.

All in all the first date definitely didn’t shoot any fireworks up in the air, and if it weren’t for the bit of fun at the O&M building and listening to Pat Green, it could have been a disaster. Sean saw Toni the next Thursday night at the Hall and again asked her to dance. As long as he went to the Hall he knew he had a chance to see her at least once a week even if he didn’t ask her out, so he settled for that for a while. Occassionally, he would invite her to watch his band play on a Thursday night, but she is addicted to dancing and wasn’t about to miss a Thursday night at The Hall for a rock band. If she only knew what she was missing…

Christmas break rolled around and Sean knew he wouldn’t see Toni for a month. Well, in that time he had tried to get her out of his mind. In the span of the fall semester, they had seen each other at the Hall almost every Thursday, but he had only taken her out once and every other attempt was shot down. So he started getting the idea that she really didn’t want to see him anymore. Besides, he was right in the middle of building his house and didn’t have any spare time to go chasing after women. He got a lot done over that Christmas break. He took an extra week off to work on his house every day for three weeks solid. It had slipped his mind that school was starting up again for the spring semester and Toni would be back. The band had quite a few shows during the month of January, too, so he was quite busy and started off not going to the Hall on the first Thursday of the semester.

Once again, another circumstance happened that would draw Sean’s attention toward Toni. The band had a show in Austin, and afterwards he had gone down to San Marcos to spend the night with his good buddy, Tommy. The next day he was to meet up with the rest of the band somewhere half way and then go back to College Station. Buda just happens to be half way between Austin and San Marcos. So they met there. As he was sitting in the gas station parking lot of the Chevron/McDonalds on I-35, he realized this is the little town where Toni was from. So, he thought he would try once more to get a hold of her. They hadn’t spoke to each other since before Christmas. He thought he would surprise her by calling her to let her know where he was. However, since Chrissy had moved out, she had decided to cancel the land line. All he got on the other end was, “We’re sorry this number is no longer in service…” NOOO!! He no longer had her phone number.

Sean got back to College Station and back to the office on Monday. He thought about it for a while and decided to look up her email address. He didn’t want her to think he was a stalker, but he lost his only form of communication with her outside of the Hall, so he looked her up. It turned out that there was only one Toni in the Biology program who was a senior. He figured this was the girl. But to be on the safe side, when he sent her an email he opened it by saying, “If this is the really good looking Toni that goes to the Hall every Thursday night, then continue reading. If you aren’t good looking or you don’t go to the Hall, then please discard this message.” He figured if it was her, she would get a good laugh out of it. It was Toni and the email cracked her up.

For some reason everything just started clicking this time. Maybe because it was a new semester, year or whatever, but things just worked out for Sean a little better. They became email buddies, and found out that they had some of the same friends. They started hanging out more frequently, and she started going to lunch with him and his buddies. The more she hung out with him, the more she realized that this guy is perfect for her. And then the 5 days and 9 years age difference didn’t seem like such a big deal. After all, you can’t put an age on perfection.

Sean’s dad came into town one weekend to work on the house. The weather turned out to be horrible so they decided to take the weekend off. Sean thought a nice drive through the Texas Hill Country would be a great change of pace from working on his house. There was only one problem. Who would watch the dog? He knew Toni loved dogs so he thought this would be a perfect opportunity for Patch to score him some cool points with Toni.

Sean and his dad left College Station and Patch. Saturday night Sean called Toni from Kerrville at the Y.O. Ranch resort or the “Yo Yo Ma” Ranch, as he called it. They talked until his cell phone ran out of batteries. She went on and on about Patch. It was great. The guys got back Sunday evening and Toni didn’t want to give Patch back. “Good boy Patch!” She really loved his dog and that made him happy.

The next week, he invited her out to see his house. It was a clear night and he thought it would be a perfect opportunity to climb up on the roof and check out the stars. It was beautiful. Sean thought he would get a first kiss, but Toni started feeling sick, and even though she thought she would get a kiss as well, she backed off so she wouldn’t have to associate her sickness with a kiss from Sean. So she requested that he take her home. He thought she was just nervous and so he backed off too.

The following night he took her over to the place he was staying while his house was being finished. He called it the “Halfway House” since it was in a run down neighborhood half way between his old place and his new house. She came over and they were looking at a Pat Green CD case while sitting on the floor by the closet. He kissed her for the first time at that spot. The house was a dump but it has some very good significance to them now.

Now that he was in, Sean decided to try his luck again. He asked her to a Cowboy Mouth/Robert Earl Keen concert. She had plans (of course) in Houston, but she liked him so much that she changed them, and drove all the way back to College Station to go to the show with him. This was the first time since the dinner date back in October that Sean actually got to go out with Toni. The show went well and was a success for Sean too. They stayed up talking all night. She finally fell asleep around 5 am (and he was on the couch, Mom), then at 7 am they went to pick up Sean’s dad at his hotel so they could go work on Sean’s house. While his dad was getting ready, Sean asked Toni to be his girlfriend. She was so excited, and said yes of course, and that’s how he FINALLY got the girl.

He has now asked her to be his bride and she eagerly said yes. There hasn’t been a time that Toni has said no to him since she became his girlfriend.

Almost a year had passed between the time he met her that first night on the dance floor and when she became his girlfriend. There was even a time when he thought he would never get any further than a Thursday night dancing partner, but persistence and patience paid off and well, good guys might finish last, but they always finish best. And the girl he met at a dance hall is now his fiancé. And she thinks she’s the lucky one!!

If I am truly crazy,
Don’t you know I like my life that way.
If I’m really going on out of my mind,
Won’t you hop on board and make your get away.

Pat Green

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DAVE KELLY wrote a comment on September 11, 2006

However, since Chrissy had moved out, she had decided to cancel the land line.

I must have missed something someplace. Never heard of Chrissy!!!

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